6' Extension Cord ($5 w/Adapter)


6' Extension Cord for ALL Apple MagSafe Adapters & iPad Chargers.

6' Extension Cord for ALL Apple MagSafe Adapters & iPad Chargers.

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Needed an extension for my Apple charging cord and found that this was exactly what I needed for the extra length that I needed.

Better than my factory original! / Exactly What I Needed!

I ordered a replacement cord after my 7 year old one started to short out. The replacement from was perfect and better quality than the original! I would highly recommend this site to any of my friends and family.

Just What I Needed!

I've been suffering for years with the horribly short power adapter cord. Well when mine died, I ordered a new adapter from and decided to get the extension cord as well. OMG! I'm so glad I did. It's nice to have the extra cord and not be bound next to an outlet. Perfect description of the product and it works great! Definitely high quality! A++

Pristine condition!

I had some questions and they were reliable about responding, so the customer service was great. I bought the magsafe adapter and a 6' extension and I was shocked and pleased to see how pristine and well packaged they were. They do not look used at all. A couple of years ago I purchased a magsafe adapter from another online retailer and it looked used and just thrown in a bubbled envelope and shipped. This retailer clearly cares about protecting the product during shipping. The prongs are covered, for example, and the items were in separate bags and THEN placed in a bubbled envelope. Once I found had the best prices, I looked on to check their rating. Of more than 200 reviews, they scored a 9.8 out of 10! This gave me the confidence to place my first order with them. FIVE STARS - I HIGHLY recommend them!

Works Great

I ordered this in conjunction with a power cord for our MacBook. It works great. 100% satisfied.

A Must Have Extension

Works well in difficult spaces.

Solved My Problems

The MacBook AC Adapter is heavy so you can't really plug it into a wall outlet, and the plug does not stay attached to a regular extension cord. This $10 extension plugs right into the Adapter snuggly, and gives you an extra 6 feet of cord. It truly solved all my problems.

Working Great/ No issues

I recently purchased this with my MacBook adapter and it is pretty nice to be able to extend the reach on my adapter by 6 feet. It plugs into the adapter and voila, your in business.